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DrupalConDC Is Drupal Moral?

Encyclopedia Britannica macropedia article on philosophy has 180,000 words.

and every fifth one is linked.

The hyperlinked form is a better representation

Age of Information:

Last name
First name
ID number
Troublemaker (Y/N)

Given way to age of the web-- connection to each other and links

His point was that we are

regardless of connection, how about "you can do what you want as long as it doesn't harm others" as basis of morality

This is an indication of how weird the internet is, that a simple question sends you into an abyss of more questions (me: well, the internet or philosophy)

Our moral obligation to engage with difference is not lifted one iota

Alissa Miller: The world of map of countries in the news media, with sizes of countries based on media mentions. Scary. Bloated US, Iraq, North Korea, most countries barely exist.

"Perpetual struggle against our baser nature." I never really bought that view in Chassidic Jewish philosophy either.



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