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DrupalConDC Communicating Data Online: Data Visualizations and Opening Data

Demoed Nice Maps module.

Maximize your resource utilization

who will pay for open data tools?

"World Bank funds" - well, in fact... Timeline module featured very highly on Recovery was funded by World Bank, and based on the MIT project which got some money from the Department of War (aka DoD).

Efficiency of the Commons

787,000,000,000 (dollars in stimulus package)
-3.7% amount stock market down (6 thousand something DOW)

I'm here talking about reinventing governt

Yes we can! ? Our only option is to do more with less.

I am very luck to be working with some very smart people. Check out

Out of the box solutions are going to limit you. If you can get from 90 percent to 95 percent, that's a huge boost that you get

There's a lot more work to be done for to reach its potential.

Charting data in Drupal also a very important component. Drupal could be a pretty powerful tool for visualization (beyond maps).

Hierarchical Select used in the demo also.

People working in this space, start blogging, so you can connect with more people, get more feedback from people who know a lot here.

Should there be a for this?


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