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DrupalConDC Accessibility birds-of-a-feather

People on our staff each use the screen reader differently. You don't get consensus in even how to do user testing. A person who is blind from birth vs. not or technically adept vs. not. Different from a sited user occasionally trying a site with a screen reader.

People with limited mobility not using a mouse.

We need users who represents people in each area.

A tab on each module and on each page of core with an option for accessibility?

[Mike Gifford, OpenCa]
There seems to be people who

Rob Russell: We have 50 users looking at this one site.

But that's not long-term nor broad testing.

In next round of usability tests, they should have accessibility tests also.

Are there associations for the blind or whatever that we could go to and say the
That would need to rewrite everything in Drupal core to run Dojo (the JavaScript library).

Mike: Get together a bunch of

Rob Russell: One approach is to

If you have people in the community who are a runs on Drupal

Generally you want to keep it to the same page

but there are ways to give a reference to something that explains this

there's an attribute [added to links for that]

and in fact that's how RDFa does it



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