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Drupal and the Geospatial Web at Berners-Lee Room



  • language
  • history
  • usage
  • privacy
  • look

drupal -> nice map module -> nasa


ogc compliant

noaa wms

georss - friendfeed


kml and georss in gmaps api

geojson - running on drupal

  • feedapi
  • kml module
  • georss module
  • nicemap
  • atom


interactive maps using atompub- geo

flickr uses kml and georss

twiiter, nowpublic, yelp, many many sites with geo data

inspire directive

global ngo - registries

data ownership and access - if you use the data from gmaps, google owns that data.

cant put gmaps behind a password protected site...

flickr used osm during the last olympics
ODbL - open database license

geowankers - so that the mainstream media will never talk about geowankers :P


example -> trulia for real estate, geocommons for crime, noaa for weather, flickr all to drupal

see the slides at



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