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Decisionmaking API & Consensus Module, and bringing more people into funding Drupal

Posted to the Drupal consultant list:

One thing that frustrates me as a consultant is that for funding easily available to aggregated small-money people using Drupal for web sites, we could more than match the invaluable corporate and foundation contributions– but as yet, the key part - aggregating needs and funds - has not happened.

I'd very much like to see Sam Boyer's Decision-making API funded and built (approved by the community but unfortunately not ultimately by the Knight Foundation).

I've posted this idea in a couple places as comments but haven't started broadcasting it; I'm really hoping to find some other people willing to put in a matching grant to put in gear this always-idling concept of community funding for specific Drupal modules and features.

DecisionmakingAPI wouldn't just be the first project funded, it could also be used to make decisions about promoting other projects for funding.

If we can get matching funds committed ($15K more than the $5K I'm putting on the table; my financial stake in this is entirely on the giving side) and persuasively make the case for adding community-funding of Drupal needs to the mix that makes our open source free software world rock, I think we can pull off a
perspective-shifting fundraising campaign.


Agaric Design Collective
Open Source Free Software Web Development


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