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Box Burritos

In an astounding reversal, Agaric Design Collective has come out in favor of food patents.

The Agaric Box Burrito (patent pending) is a breakthrough in food enjoyment technology.

Six sides of tortilla wrap, laid out in "Make A Box" of Square One TV fame. What could be simpler?

Some dispute that this brilliant idea/discovery is the sole property of Dan Hakimzadeh. The event was prefaced by a strange occurrence that morning in which the growling stomachs of Benjamin Melançon and Mr. Hakimzadeh apparently communicated across the office.

We now return you to the non-cube burrito eating already in progress.

When getting down to the end of an overstuffed burrito, Mr. Melançon said, "Excuse me, could my burrito and I have a little privacy? It's going to get messy here."

This reporter honored that request.



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