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Amazing Things Zing Auction implementation detail fixes

Can anyone figure out why Category module is listing images associated with items (even though the images aren't in the category themselves)?

category module listing images
category module listing attached images of nodes drupal

Very, very strange. If you just click on the image node and edit it and save it, without changing anything, it stops being listed.

If you unpublish the image node, of course, you also get rid of it-- and can still see it in the picture.

But if you click

If you republish it (approve this post), the problem reappears or remains-- although last time that had seemed to have solved it. Maybe promoting to front page and unpromoting would do it, through the mass edit interface, but without a select all option in 4.7 it's not much of an advantage.

The best way to fix this will be to unpublish all the image nodes, and hack image attach to have a pop-up of the largest size (short of original) pop up when the image is clicked (or have the image take you to the full node if displayed in a list, and do the pop-up only if the node is being displayed alone).

At the same time we also have to add a break or something with the hidden period (.) and "clear: both" fix.

And we need to make the Category listings show full nodes come to think of it. We want people bidding right from the first page.

Err, actually I may be solving a lot of problems here... we have category view enabled, and it's using a view, naturally... so maybe if we edit that view...

Yup, adding "node type equals product" to the view fixes it. This is still a workaround of a bug with Category.

It would still be good to do the image pop-up thing.

And since the view IS set to "full nodes" we're going to have to look at the zing_auction module and nodeapi for why it's not getting the bid now form on all pages.

Finally, ensuring that we have say 100 nodes displayed per page and adding a #identifier that the user is redirected to after bidding would improve the flow greatly-- about as good as it could without AJAX.

Drupal next and previous links within a category

Next node in a category, or next category.

That's what this page does:

add a first, previous, next, last to any page, for any node type

Matters that came up in search and might be interesting but aren't relevant to the original question about Category module incorrectly listing image nodes attached to nodes that did belong in the category.

No, that's what we're doing (with image attach I think) -
Attach multiple images to a node

Still getting this error a lot:

* warning: mysql_real_escape_string() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in /home/zingspac/public_html/auction2007/includes/ on line 345.
* warning: mysql_real_escape_string() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in /home/zingspac/public_html/auction2007/includes/ on line 345.
* warning: mysql_real_escape_string() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in /home/zingspac/public_html/auction2007/includes/ on line 345.

Going to have to install devel module and trace that.


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