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Agaric would like to sync Tomboy / Gnote with a Drupal site like Data.Agaric

Should be quite possible as Tomboy notes are saved in XML; not finding anyone doing it.

In Drupal, it would make sense to make Tomboy notes their own content type, so they could have their special linking, but full web content with pictures and taxonomy and all that good stuff would be separate, and could reference/include Tomboy notes.

Django (Python)

Some folks named Brad and Sandy have now made a Tomboy web interfacebeen done in Django:

Paul Ryan wrote about the new web sync for Tomboy including Midgaard integration and other exciting things, but Snowy / Tomboy Online's development seems to have slowed since then, or maybe they just found it harder to be reliable and stable than expected.


Perry Trinier put together some shell scripts and PHP for Tomboy sync to iPhone.

Ozamosi (that's the blog name anyway) made a full <href="">plugin for Tomboy to post to web sites through the MetaBlog API (which includes Drupal's Blog module).

See also

If you have multiple computers that belong entirely to you:
... but that approach is not able to share individual notebooks, it seems, so

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